c4arena is two player game. Players take turns dropping discs into vertical grid. First player who connect 4 discs in line wins.

You can play online against strangers or invite your friend. Local multiplayer is available too and you can always play against AI.

This game is also known as:
Connect 4
Captain's Mistress
Four Up
Plot Four
Find Four
Four in a Row
Four in a Line


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I was wondering if you could make an option to change the timer in the settings for online games. This would make your connect 4 the best on the internet and offer more time to think for the players.

I would like to know if you offer this HTML game template for sale. If so, how much are you willing to license it for?

Hello. Thank you for your interest, however I am currently not interested in selling game template or license.

I see. Do you have thoughts on further development?

I think it would be a strong presence on my startup app and I am sure it would gain a lot of exposure. If you are willing to reconsider your decision, my app may be a very lucrative opportunity for you.

Could you provide some info about your app and further development of my game?

I am building an app that needs to be populated with multiplayer HTML5 games. Your game supplies the PvP environment that I am seeking so I will not want to do much customization to it. I will be rewarding winners from each game in a new innovative way.

I plan to start our contract at a flat yearly fee to make sure that you are paid, however if/when my app becomes popular I will be converting our contract so you earn money with every game session ($0.002/game session. King earned $0.0014/game session in 2013 from Candy Crush).

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I am currently very busy, but I am always interested in supporting more platforms. Firstly I prefer to avoid selling license or signing contract. I want to retain full control of my game. Money is not important right now. What I am looking for is increased user base. If there are not many technical requirements I will be glad if you embed my game in your app. I wanted to add ads in future. I understand this might be inconvenient for you, therefore I can provide url without any ads and go with your plan 0.2¢/session when your app becomes popular. We can continue this discussion via email. You can find my contact info here: http://danielvyskoc.com/contact. Please provide some more info. What is state of your app? When should it be ready? And possibly more verbose requirements on game customization. If you require only small changes you can embed my game for free until your app gains some traffic.